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Premium CBD Hemp Flower

Are you looking for premium CBD hemp flower in the Baltimore area? Well look no further than Baltimore’s hemp flower dispensary CBD Supply Maryland. We are regularly sourcing new strains of hemp along with many of the local favorites like sour space candy, cherry pie, bubba kush, Hawaiian haze, suver haze, and more. In addition to providing top shelf loose flower, CBD Supply Maryland also offers an extensive collection of CBD pre-rolls and cigarettes.

CBD Hemp flower is one of the fastest ways to deliver the calming and healing results of CBD to your body. As with any smokable hemp product hemp flower delivers its results in seconds. This is ideal for customers that are looking to feel an immediate effect from the CBD. Our strains come in both indica and sativa forms for customers that are either looking more for the focus that sativa providers or the calming and relax that indica can help with.

Our loose hemp flower is measured by weight in grams and ounces. Our unprocessed hemp flower is sold in packages of 3.5 grams, an eighth of an ounce, or 7 grams which is a quarter of an ounce. This amount of flower is usually enough for a few servings of your preferred way to smoke.

The effects of smoking hemp CBD flower will vary depending on the strain you choose. A strain high in CBD will support feelings of relaxation and clear mindedness, while a strain high in CBG will tend to support a productive focus. CBG or CBD flower can be great to add to your wellness routine. Smoking hemp flower will not get you high, as it contains very low levels of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is found in high concentrations in marijuana.

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