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CBD Intimacy Products

While edibles and tinctures often receive all the CBD spotlight, many people have become aware of the benefits that CBD intimacy products can provide in the bedroom. From sensual massage oils to CBD-infused lubricants, our popular CBD products for sex and intimacy offer yet another all-natural and non-harmful way to elevate your sensations, reduce inhibition, and increase enjoyment. Shop our selection below to find the product that’s best for you.

Our collection of CBD products for sex and intimacy are designed to enhance pleasure and arousal. Given that the active ingredient (cannabidiol, or CBD) offers benefits ranging from relaxation and the relief of soreness to significant reductions in anxiety levels, these advantages span far beyond pain management alone. CBD products for sex and intimacy have grown exponentially in popularity due to the many ways they can enable and empower a more enjoyable sexual experience.

Incorporating CBD into your sexual or intimate life offers a variety of benefits, depending on the product you choose. While each product has different goals and advantages, there are several general commonalities that all our CBD intimacy products share.

Reduction of Anxiety

Did you know that research has shown that CBD can significantly reduce symptoms that are generally associated with anxiety? CBD can help reduce inhibiting and intrusive thoughts and instead, help you experience and appreciate the moment.

Eases and Relieves Pain

Other research provides evidence that CBD can act as a natural anti-inflammatory and as an effective pain reliever for many. If you sometimes experience pain during sex, CBD products can help transform your experience by reducing or eliminating discomfort.

Improves Relaxation

CBD’s propensity to reduce stiff and sore muscles offer clear advantages when used in an intimate setting. CBD-infused lubricants and massage oils are a popular choice within this category because they both lend to a more calming and enjoyable experience overall.

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