Delta 8 THC has quickly become enormously popular. In fact, it is so popular that many are asking whether Delta 8 is legal in Maryland and where can you buy it. Many Marylanders have quickly embraced the hemp plant because of its many therapeutic qualities. As cannabinoids like CBD from the hemp plant have gained popularity many have begun exploring other cannabinoids in the plant to experience their effects. Since Delta 8 can produce psychoactive effects, many wonder if it is legal. It is a good question since laws can vary from state to state. The other question that often arises is where you can buy it. So, lets look at whether Delta 8 is legal in Maryland and where you can buy it.

How is Delta 8 Different Than Delta 9 THC?

Many will often compare Delta 8 THC to Delta 9 THC. This is a reasonable comparison since both Delta 8 and Delta 9 THC has similar properties. In fact, Delta 8 THC is a unique cannabinoid found in the hemp plant. As Delta 9 ages in a hemp plant it naturally converts to Delta 8 THC.  When it converts to Delta 8 it offers a milder psychoactive effect. Generally, Delta 8 is about 25 to 30 percent less psychoactive than Delta 9. For many this offers a milder and often more enjoyable experience than Delta 9

At an anatomical level Delta 8 and Delta 9 are slightly different. Delta 8 is bonded on the 8th carbon atom while Delta 9 is bonded on the 9th carbon molecule. This slight difference in the anatomical structure is what causes the difference in how Delta 8 and Delta 9 bind to your body’s endocannabinoid system. The endocannabinoid system is how all cannabinoids like Delta 8 and Delta 9 are processed in our bodies. This difference in how it binds to these endocannabinoid receptors is what given the slightly different feeling between Delta 8 and Delta 9.

And since we are looking at how it reacts with the endocannabinoid system, Delta 8 has a unique affinity for CB1 receptors in our endocannabinoid system. In particular it binds with CB1 receptors in our nervous system which explains many of the unique effects Delta 8 has compared to Delta 9.

Is Delta 8 Natural?

Some will debate whether Delta 8 is natural or synthetic let’s look at this question to give you a clear answer. Delta 8 is a cannabinoid that is naturally found in the hemp or cannabis plants. It is not a cannabinoid that has been invented in a lab. Some will debate whether it is natural or not because human beings are involved in the extraction process. Often, when a product says ‘natural’ or ‘all-natural’, you may make a final determination that a certain product or substance is available in nature, generated without any human involvement. In this sense, ‘natural’ substances are compounds found in nature.

To put your mind at ease about Delta 8, a good majority of experts agree that Delta 8 is classified as a naturally derived substance, rather than a synthetically derived one. This means that Delta 8 is a natural substance which should put your mind at ease about the safety of it since it is not a synthetic cannabinoid.

Is Delta 8 Legal In Maryland?

The short answer is yes, Delta 8 is legal in Maryland. Maryland fully adheres to the 2018 federal Farm Bill which legalized the hemp plant. In particular, the bill says that all derivatives of the hemp are legal except a product cannot have more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. Therefore, all other forms of THC in a hemp plant are fully legal in the state of Maryland. This means that anyone in Maryland whether you are in Baltimore, Annapolis, Rockville, Frederick, Bowie, Hagerstown, Ocean City, Salisbury, or anywhere else can legally possess and consume Delta 8.

Where To Buy Legal Delta 8 In Maryland?

Since we know that Delta 8 is legal in Maryland we need to look at where to purchase the products from. Unfortunately, not all Delta 8 products on the market are top quality. In fact, some can be extremely low quality and even full of fillers and dangerous additives. This is why it’s important to consider where you are purchasing Delta 8 from.

Another factor to consider is what plant the Delta 8 comes from. Maryland is a state where recreational marijuana is not legal. This means that in order for your Delta 8 products to be legal, they need to be made from hemp and not marijuana. With these facts in mind let’s look at some places to purchase Delta 8.

Local Shops

One good option to purchase Delta 8 is a local brick and mortar store. However, not all shops are created equal. It is important to check that a store has many good reviews like CBD Supply Maryland does. And, if the store doesn’t specialize in hemp products you should immediately be skeptical of the products that they offer. Make sure that they really know what they are selling and have a wide selection of products.

Online Retailers

Another good option can be online sources. The best online sources are those that offer both brick and mortar locations and have a robust online presence. Having both a physical and virtual store means that this company is more legitimate than some that are operating out of places like someone’s basement. When picking a source online it is important to check reviews as well just like you would for a brick and mortar location. In addition, you should check to make sure that they have a good selection of products and that each Delta 8 product on the website has been lab-tested and carefully formulated.

Where Not To Buy Delta 8

Now that we’ve considered some places to purchase Delta 8 it is also important to talk about places not to buy Delta 8. Here are a few places to not purchase Delta 8.

Convenience Stores and Gas Stations

While convenience stores and gas stations may seem like an easy place to purchase Delta 8 these are some of the worst places to purchase Delta 8. They simply do not screen for quality, and instead are simply looking to sell hemp goods cheaply and quickly. There really is no level of expertise either which means no one selling the products at these places will be able to identify high quality or low quality products.

Non-Business Entities

It is also never a good idea to buy hemp products from an unlicensed business. Companies that aren’t registered with the state of Maryland can be selling any type of unsafe or non-compliant product. This is your body and you should want to prioritize putting safe products in it.

Final Thoughts On Legal Delta 8 In Maryland

Since Delta 8 THC is a fully legal cannabinoid for adult Maryland residents, you can start buying Delta 8 and explore the wide array of products that are available. Because quality levels can vary so much, it is best to stick to a trusted source for all of your Delta 8 needs. This is to ensure that you are able to purchase the best products and have the most satisfaction possible.