Now that Delta 10 THC is readily available many people are wondering what the ideal milligram strength of Delta 10 is to start with. Milligram strength should always be the first place to start with any new hemp product, including Delta 10. This is the case because milligram strength has everything to do with how strongly the product will feel. Given the psychoactive nature of Delta 10, the strength of effects is even more important than ever.

What Is the Delta 10 Milligram Strength?

The milligram strength of a Delta 10 product informs us of how strong the product is. All hemp products with the exception of hemp flower contain a cannabinoid extract that has been combined with other ingredients, such as a carrier oil in the case of a tincture, or flavoring ingredients in the case of an edible to create the product. However, the milligrams strength by itself won’t give you the complete picture of how strong a particular product is.

Standard Milligram Strength Per Delta 10 Delivery Method

You may wonder why we are looking at Delta 10 by delivery method. The reason that it’s important to consider delivery methods when looking at milligram strength is because each way you consume Delta 10 has its own unique effects. This is the case because some methods of consuming Delta 10 are more efficient than others. So, it is possible to use fewer milligrams of Delta 10 per dose to get the desired response with some methods than others.

Below are some guidelines for various ways to take Delta 10. It’s important to remember that these guides are just suggestions. This is the case because the correct dose can vary for each person based upon several factors. It is entirely possible to have a different requirements based upon someone’s body type, reason for using Delta 10, tolerance to THC, and more. However, we know that most people tend to fall within certain parameters because all of our endocannabinoid systems function generally in a similar manner.


Delta 10 vape products come in several different forms including pre-filled cartridges, disposable pens, and e-juice bottles. Whether you are purchasing a cart, disposable pen or e-liquid the milligram strength guides will be the same. Generally, one to three pulls on the vape devices will be considered a standard dose. Often it is advisable for beginners to start out with a lower dose like one pull. So, you’re now wondering how many milligrams are in a single pull? To figure this out you can divide the number of milligrams in the vape by the number of milliliters that is the products size. Then you divide this number by 100 as each milliliter has about 100 pulls. For instance, if you have a 1mL vape with 800mg of Delta 10 in the product, that comes out to 8 milligrams of Delta 10 THC per puff. Since inhaling a vaporized form of Delta 10 is such an efficient way to ingest the product, you will likely need a much lower dose this way. In the case of our example, 8 milligrams may be enough for someone to experience the desired effects.


Since Delta 10 flower is a smokable product, its effects will closely resemble the effects of a Delta 10 vape. In this case, it is also recommended for one to three puffs to be considered the standard dose. One thing to remember about flower is that it does not come in a particular milligram strength. Instead, any reputable flower will be able to tell you the total amount of Delta 10 THC in the total chemical composition of the plant. This is determined by independent lab testing which will show the total Delta 10 chemical composition of the flower. This will allow you to get a general sense of how strong the particular flower is and how to dose accordingly.


The typical strength for a Delta 10 edible can range anywhere between 10 to 50 milligrams. Virtually every Delta 10 THC edible is in this range which can make for easy and standardized dosing. Generally, a lower dose is a better starting point for a beginner. It is important to remember that edibles do not respond the same way as vapes or smokable products. This is the case because they have to go through the digestive process. This process takes much longer for a dose to get in to your system. During this process, there will be some loss of Delta 10 as your stomach acids and liver breakdown some of the THC.


A tincture is Delta 10 oil which, absorbs sublingually, under the tongue, and typically comes in 30ml dropper bottles that make dosing easy. In a 1,000mg bottle, the standard milligram strength per dose is 33 milligrams for a dropper. Dropper strength can vary though based upon the amount of milligrams of Delta 10 in a bottle. It is important to keep this in mind when using THC oils.

What Factors To Consider For Delta 10 Milligram Strength?

As we said earlier there are several things that can influence what might be the ideal milligram strength dose for you. Let’s look at these things so you can make a more informed purchase.

Body Weight

The number one factor to consider with Delta 10 or any THC product is body weight. THC is no different than many other medicines you would get. Often, the higher a person’s body, the more Delta 10 they will need. This is no different than any other medicine. So, keep in mind your body type when you are purchasing a product.

THC Tolerance

Everyone has a different THC tolerance. Some individuals are more sensitive to THC, while others are do not have as much sensitivity to THC. It is important to note that someone trying THC for the first time may not have developed as much of a tolerance as someone who has tried it before. If you are a beginner it is probably appropriate for you to start out with a lower dose until you have determined your comfort level.


Delta 10 can have an intoxicating feeling in certain doses. This means that at certain times of the day it may not be appropriate or prudent for you to use Delta 10. However, if you are taking a low dose you may be fine. If you are at home for the day it may be appropriate to utilize a higher dose. It’s important to consider what you have going on in your life at that particular time.

When To Change Delta 10 Milligram Strength?

If you have been using Delta 10 but are feeling as if your dose is not exactly right for you it might be time for a change. However, you shouldn’t change the dose after just a short period of time. We recommend that you try a particular dose for about two weeks before making a change. It takes time for your body to adjust to any new health regiment and Delta 10 is no different. We also recommend that when you do make a change you do so in small, incremental changes.

Where To Get The Ideal Delta 10 Milligram Strength?

As always, you should only buy Delta 10 from an already-trusted source like CBD Supply Maryland. It is always important to look for third party lab reports with your products. These lab reports will read the same as the ones that you are used to with your CBD or Delta 8 products. As more and more Delta 10 products hit the market it will be even more important for you to go to a source you can trust to get only the highest quality products.