Have you heard about Delta 10 THC but you aren’t sure exactly what Delta 10 THC is or how it can benefit you? Well, don’t feel bad if you aren’t completely familiar with Delta 10 THC as this particular cannabinoid is one of the newest to hit the market. Given what we know about this new and exciting cannabinoid there is no doubt that Delta 10 THC will continue to produce interest from many hemp enthusiast and will generate similar popularity to Delta 8 THC and CBD.

Where Does It Come From?

Delta 10 THC is extremely unique not only in its effects, but also where it comes from. It was actually discovered by accident with an extremely interesting back story. This is why even many that are hemp or cannabis experts hadn’t heard about Delta 10 THC until recently.

As the story goes, a team of cannabis cultivators purchased an existing cannabis farm in the state of California, where crops were already being cultivated. However, there were raging wildfires that took over this particular part of California in 2020. The previous owner of the farm had treated his crops with a fire retardant as an act of desperation.

At the time of harvest the new owners decided it was time to have their crops lab tested to see what type of crop they had. Up close, they noted unique crystals forming on the buds, and this changed the chemical composition of the plant. There was a new cannabinoid in the plant material as a result, and it had the lab analysts completely stumped. After careful, meticulous analysis, it was determined that what they had discovered was Delta 10 THC, which formed as a result of the exposure to the fire-retardant chemical. This had changed the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) on a molecular level. What does that mean? Well, this caused the THC to convert into a completely new cannabinoid with its own unique molecular composition.

How Is It Made?

Don’t worry the Delta 10 THC in your vape or gummy doesn’t contain a fire retardant. So, if it’s not made in that way, how is Delta 10 THC made for companies to use in your favorite products. The answer is similar to how Delta 8 THC is made.

Delta 10 THC, similar to Delta 8 THC, is an isomer of cannabinol or CBD. This means that at the anatomical level it is simply a reorganization of the molecular composition of CBD. Translated, this means that all the molecular components that exist in CBD also exist in Delta 10 THC. This means that a careful reorganization of the components of CBD will result in the creation of Delta 10 THC. This can be done without any chemicals or scary things for human health like the fire retardant material we initially discussed.

This means the Delta 10 that you can buy today is made with an extract that is technically derived from CBD. While Delta 8 is also an isomer of CBD, its main source of extraction today is steam distillation. This cannot be done with Delta 10 THC since there is no naturally occurring amount to extract. Fortunately, this method has been used for quite a while. In fact, it’s known to yield high-quality cannabinoid extracts with satisfactory levels of purity and stability.

What Does Delta 10 Feel Like?

Delta 10 is a cannabinoid just like CBD or Delta 8 THC, which means that it works through your body’s endocannabinoid system. This complex system of receptors located throughout the body help regulate things like pain, inflammation, mood, appetite and more. Since Delta 10 is so new there aren’t many studies yet regarding exactly how it interacts with your endocannabinoid system. What we do know is it is very similar to Delta 8 that almost exclusively binds to CB1 receptors in our endocannabinoid system. These are located in the body’s nervous system. Given Delta 10’s similarity to Delta 8, we can say that it probably has the same affinity for these receptors.

Many describe Delta 10 as having a uplifting and Sativa like feel. It tends to have noticeable bliss inducing properties due to its interactions with the nervous system. Delta 10 is able to induce this bliss inducing feeling due to the fact that it is a form of THC. Like Delta 8, Delta 10 is a form of THC however it has a milder intoxicating effect than Delta 9 THC. Therefore, its high is significantly subtler, and likely does not interfere with mental clarity like Delta 9.

Is Delta 10 Very Different Than Delta 8?

It is reasonable to make comparisons between Delta 8 and Delta 10. Both Delta 8 and Delta 10 are new cannabinoids that are a mildly intoxicating form of THC. So, what is the difference between the two when you are looking for what is right for you.

Many people say that Delta 8 feels like an indica, and Delta 10 feels like a sativa. In other words, Delta 10 may be more uplifting and mood boosting than Delta 8, which is great for those who enjoy Delta 8’s high but find themselves feeling a bit mellower than they want to feel at certain times of the day. Delta 10 is likely an exceptionally good daytime option.

Where Can You Find High Quality Delta 10 THC?

Delta 10 is so new that we would not be surprised if some untrustworthy companies are releasing low-quality, or even fake Delta 10 to appease the intense, sudden demand of the compound, taking advantage of those who have nothing to compare the effects of a particular Delta 10 product to.

As always, you should only buy Delta 10 from an already-trusted source like CBD Supply Maryland. It is always important to look for third party lab reports with your products. These lab reports will read the same as the ones that you are used to with your CBD or Delta 8 products. As more and more Delta 10 products hit the market it will be even more important for you to go to a source you can trust to get only the highest quality products.