If you are familiar with the CBD or Delta 8 market you will know that there are always knew product types being added. However, many people are either discovering or rediscovering the oldest form of hemp and cannabidiol products, CBD or Delta 8 flower.  So, as more people discover CBD and Delta 8 flower, they are looking to understand how to choose the best CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls. In this article we will look at CBD and Delta 8 flower, which is often referred to as hemp flower.

CBD or Delta 8 flower is typically consumed by either smoking or vaporizing the product. This allows the user to have a quick and efficient way of having the CBD or Delta 8 enter your body. CBD or Delta 8 flower either comes in a loose form or in CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls which we will examine here for you.

What Are CBD or Delta 8 Pre-Rolls?

CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls are raw hemp flower that has been rolled and is ready to smoke immediately. Pre-rolls are made for the convenience of the user of the CBD or Delta 8, so you don’t have to go through the process of grinding up the flower and rolling it yourself. They are literally ready to smoke the second you remove them from their packaging.

Typically, CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls will only contain hemp flower. This means that the product should not have a lot of filler or other additives that can impact the effectiveness of the hemp. It is possible for some CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls to be enhanced with some other hemp products or other natural ingredients to compliment the effects. However, you should always look to see the ingredients of the CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls.

Types of CBD or Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

When you are shopping to find the best CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls, you are likely to come across several different types. Let us look at the different pre-roll options to help you better understand which type might be best for you.

Filtered or Unfiltered Pre-Rolls

The first thing to look for in a pre-roll is whether the product has a filter or is unfiltered. Many filtered CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls will look and feel like a traditional cigarette. They are often even packaged in packs that resemble traditional cigarette packs. The main difference between a CBD or Delta 8 pre-roll or cigarette from a traditional cigarette is that a CBD or Delta 8 product contains only hemp and not tobacco. This means it does not have nicotine and some of the other harmful materials in it that tobacco has.

The primary benefit of a filtered product is that it filters the hemp flower so that no loose flower accidentally gets into your mouth. Some users may report a smoother taste with the filter. A filtered product can also be flavored with some flavoring options added to the filter.

Unfiltered pre-rolls are exactly as they sound. They are CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls without any type of filter. This means that the hemp flower is rolled in a traditional rolling paper without any filter on the product. The smoke from an unfiltered pre-roll may be slightly harsher due to the lack of a filter. However, some users report stronger effects because of no filter.


The size of the CBD or Delta 8 pre-roll is the next factor to consider when making a purchase. Typically, pre-rolls may be sold in either a half a gram or full gram size. Although there are many other size options, these are the two options you are most likely to see. The main thing to consider here is how much flower you are looking to consume. Some individuals may need or desire more flower. In that case you may look for a larger sized pre-roll. The size, though, is only looking at how much flower is in a product but not any other difference in type of hemp or other key ingredients.


There are several different kinds of paper that may be used to roll your product. Paper types include rice paper, bamboo paper, hemp paper, or more. The flavor can vary slightly based upon the paper, but most users will not notice a wide variation. The main thing to consider when looking at the paper that is used is any allergies you may have. If you have an allergy to a particular type of paper, you will want to steer clear of CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls made with that kind of paper.


There are a wide variety of hemp strains on the market. Flower used in pre-rolls comes in a wide array of strains, just like loose flower buds that are also widely available on the market.  Most companies that produce pre-rolls offer their flower in a variety of sativa, indica, and hybrid strains, knowing that today’s hemp enthusiasts are more strain-conscious than ever before.

Things To Consider When Buying CBD or Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

There are several things to look for to choose the best pre-rolls for you. Now that we know more about what a pre-roll is let’s look through several factors to consider when buying a CBD or Delta 8 pre-roll.

Organic Hemp

Pre-rolls should always be made from organic hemp. This means that you are looking for an all-natural product that is made with non-GMO and organic hemp. Organic hemp is better for several reasons. First, it has no harmful pesticides or other materials in it that can be bad for you. In addition, organic hemp is often higher in cannabinoids like CBD, Delta 8, and terpenes because the organic process preserves these natural elements of the plant.

Additives and Fillers

As we discussed earlier, you want to find a product with as few additives and fillers as possible. Some natural additives are ok, but you should always know everything that is inside of a product. If you can’t see any ingredients in the CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls than you should immediately consider another brand.

Third Party Lab Tests

Any CBD or Delta 8 product should always have an independent, third-party lab test done on it. This is how you can verify that the product is, in fact, CBD or Delta 8 and see how much CBD or Delta 8 is in the product. The lab results will also identify any other ingredients in the product and tell you if there are any dangerous toxins or pesticides in the product.

Lab reports are a must for anyone looking to buy a quality CBD or Delta 8 product. If there aren’t lab results for the CBD or Delta 8 pre-rolls you are looking at then you should strongly consider purchasing a different product.

Purchase Only The Best CBD or Delta 8 Pre-Rolls

As you can see from this article, there are many things to consider when purchasing the best products. When shopping for pre-rolls, it’s important to know that you’re getting a fresh, high-quality product with the properties that you’re looking for in the flower’s cannabinoids and terpenes.  Fortunately, now you know what to look out for in order choose the best pre-rolls for a successful hemp experience at CBD Supply Maryland.