Are you like many others interested in Delta 8 THC, but you aren’t sure what it is and more importantly how Delta 8 is tested? Well, as Delta 8 continues to become an even more sought-after cannabinoid from the hemp plant we are seeing a huge influx of new Delta 8 products. How do you know if your Delta 8 product is legitimate, pure, and a high-quality product? The best way to determine if you have a good Delta 8 product is to look for third-party lab tests. These come from a third-party source and indicate that the manufacturer has their hemp extracts routinely tested by a licensed facility.

Lab tests are a great way to maintain quality control throughout the Delta 8 market. With that said, they can be a bit confusing to the average enthusiast. So, we are going to talk about the importance of lab-testing, what it means, and how you can access the results from these tests to learn more about a Delta 8 product.

Importance Of How Delta 8 Is Tested

Lab testing is how all manufactures of hemp products ensure the quality and consistency of their products. This means that lab tests aren’t just done to prove to the consumer that the product is actually Delta 8, but it also means that reputable companies will use these tests to ensure quality and consistency of products.

How Delta 8 is tested is a relatively simple process. A hemp extract sample is sent to a registered laboratory that specializes in evaluating the hemp plant. The laboratory will analyze the sample to evaluate its characteristics. Specifically, they are looking at the composition of the sample to determine its quality, purity, and concentration of various cannabinoids such as Delta 8. The laboratory will then send the lab reports, along with the sample, back to the hemp manufacturing company. The final part of this process is when the hemp manufacturing company makes these lab reports publicly available for any customer to examine.

These lab tests are extremely important because without them you could never prove the quality of a product. A third-party lab test of Delta 8, though, will establish the quality, consistency, and purity of a product.

Are All Delta 8 Products Tested?

It is extremely important for your Delta 8 products to be third-party lab tested, so every company should have this done with their products. In fact, nearly every company will have this done to produce top-quality products. However, there is no rule that says a company must do this. If you come across a brand that does not have lab testing done on their products you should avoid that brand. These are exactly the kinds of products that many worry about that may not be high-quality or have the purity that you should expect from a Delta 8 product. If a company is not having their products tested, you immediately should wonder what it is that they have to hide.

Lab Report Accessibility

If you are purchasing Delta 8 products you should expect that the company that you are purchasing from would make the Delta 8 lab results public. This means that you should not have to dig to find them on a particular company’s website. The results should be easy to find and presented in a clear way so that they are easy to understand.

Are Lab Reports Legitimate?

Lab reports should be legitimate, but some companies may try to create fake documents. Unfortunately, if you know what you are doing it is possible to fake a lab report. The first thing to look for when examining your lab results is to see that the name of the laboratory is at the top corner of the report. The name of the lab should allow you track the company back through the internet to determine if it is a real laboratory and if they are licensed to test hemp. Any lab is required to be registered with their particular state’s department of agriculture to legally test hemp and create these reports. If you come across a lab that does not indicate somewhere on their website that they are registered with their state than you should wonder if it is a real lab.

What Is Being Looked For When Delta 8 Is Tested?

A typical Delta 8 lab test is looking for several things. The standard test will look for impurities, microbes, potency, and the chemical composition of the product. Let’s examine each of these categories in a little more detail to see which each of these categories is about.


The main factor that lab tests are looking for is impurities in a sample. These impurities are typically broken down into several categories that often include heavy metals, pesticides, and solvents. It is possible for impurities to enter the hemp in several ways. Impurities such as pesticides can enter the hemp if it is not grown in an organic way. It is also possible for impurities such as solvents to enter a sample if there is a low-quality extraction process. It is also possible for impurities to enter a Delta 8 product if there is poor handling of the products. Ideally, you would like to see a sample with as few impurities as possible.


Lab staff will also check for microbes, including bacteria and fungus. Of course, microbes can be quite harmful, and indicate that the sample was contaminated in some way in many cases. On the flip side, there are also “good” microbes that naturally occur in the plant material and are totally harmless to us. Therefore, when looking at this section, you should read carefully to make sure that if microbes are present, they are not categorized as harmful.


The sample is analyzed to determine the concentration of Delta 8 in the product. This concentration should match up to the amount that the company says is in the product.

Chemical Composition

The final factor that a Delta 8 lab test is looking for is the chemical composition of the product. The chemical composition refers to the breakdown of chemical compounds of the hemp plant that are in the final product. Here is where you will get a good idea of whether or not there are terpenes in the extract, or other cannabinoids. They should be listed according to volume, starting with Delta 8 at the top.

Making A Delta 8 Purchase

Now that we have looked at what a Delta 8 lab test is and what it will tell you we can determine what products might be right for you. Before you purchase any product you should look for lab reports. These reports should be done by a reputable laboratory that specializes in testing hemp. This is the only way to verify that you are getting what the product says it is.

So, when you are shopping make sure you are getting your products from a reputable Delta 8 store like CBD Supply Maryland. This will allow you to verify that the products have the purity, quality, and consistency that you should expect in your Delta 8 products.