When you are shopping for CBD or Delta 8 gummies it is important to choose the right product for you. This means you should look for the right milligram strength, the flavor of your choice, and the best quality product. However, even the best CBD or Delta 8 gummies can leave you disappointed if you don’t store them properly.

It is extremely important that you store your CBD or Delta 8 gummies the right way for you to have the best results possible for every gummy in the package. So, let’s examine gummies a little bit and how to store them so you can have the desired result from the first dose all the way until the very last dose.

Do CBD or Delta 8 Gummies Go Bad?

To understand if CBD or Delta gummies go bad, we first need to clarify what that means. Many gummies whether they are CBD, Delta 8, or other gummies have an expiration date on the packaging. In general, hemp extract, which is used in CBD or Delta 8 gummies, tends to last for about two years. After that time has passed the hemp extract becomes too unstable to give you the result you are looking for.

Now, just because hemp extract can last for around two years, it doesn’t mean that the expiration date on your pack of gummies is quite that long. In fact, most gummies have expiration dates that are significantly less than two years. This is the case because most gummies are made with other ingredients in addition to CBD or Delta 8 extract. This may be ingredients that add flavor to the gummies, or it could be ingredients that give the CBD or Delta 8 an additional boost. Either way, these materials can significantly shorten how long gummies are good for.

How To Know If Gummies Have Expired?

So, how can you tell if your CBD or Delta 8 gummies have expired. Well, there’s a few easy ways to tell. The first way to tell if your gummies have expired is to simply read the expiration date on the packaging. If this information doesn’t exist there are a few other tips you may try to help you determine if the gummies have expired.

You may want to open the packaging to examine the smell of the gummies. The CBD or Delta 8 gummies should have a fresh and flavorful smell. If the gummies smell stale, rancid, or there is no smell detectable it is likely that your gummies have expired.

Another important thing to examine when looking to see if your gummies have expired or not is their texture. If the texture of the gummies has significantly changed from when you first bought them there is a good chance that they gummies have expired.

Can You Use Expired CBD Or Delta 8 Gummies

Now, you may be wondering what happens if you take a gummy that is past its expiration date. The honest answer is that it depends. In terms of the CBD or Delta 8, it loses its potency as the gummies age past the expiration date. Eventually, the products will breakdown enough that it can become virtually useless.

However, there is more to worry about than just ineffective CBD or Delta 8. Since we are talking about an edible product there is the concern that taking something past the expiration date can make you ill. The ingredients in the gummies that add flavor or other elements to the product can make you very sick if consumed beyond the expiration date.

How To Store CBD Or Delta 8 Gummies

It is possible for gummies to expire faster than the expiration date on the packing if they aren’t stored properly. This is because of oxidization of the gummies that occurs when the products aren’t stored properly. Just like leaving certain products outdoors in the heat for too long ruins their efficacy, the same goes for CBD.

Fully Sealed

The first step to ensuring freshness is to make sure your gummies are sealed tightly in their container. If the package that the product came in is not adequate, you’ll want to consider using an airtight bag if they aren’t sealed inside of an airtight container. Oxygen plays a big role in the breaking down of the CBD or Delta 8 and other compounds, so you want to keep as little air from getting into the product as possible. An open bag of gummies will expire much sooner than 2 years after purchase.

Keep Out Of Light

Another step to ensure the freshness of your gummies is to keep them out of light as much as possible. This means that you should not store your gummies in a windowsill, or in the console of your car where bright light gets inside. Light speeds up the process of CBD or Delta 8 degrading, so a dark place is ideal. There are many places in the home that stay dark, including closets, drawers, and cabinets.

Avoid Heat

Heat is bad for gummies for two reasons. First, it’s a gummy so if it is exposed to too much heat it will melt and no one wants a melted gummy mess. But it also causes CBD and Delta 8 to breakdown. Generally, room temperature is ideal, but you want to keep the gummies in an area that does not experience much temperature fluctuation. Again, a closet, cabinet or drawer is best because these areas typically stay cooler than other areas of the home.

Keep Away From Humidity

Humidity is another factor that can affect the aging of gummies. Therefore, you should not keep your gummies in the bathroom, where the humidity from the shower causes the room to accumulate a lot of moisture daily. A kitchen is fine if it’s not close to the stove, where cooking causes liquids to evaporate, increasing humidity in that area.

Final Thoughts On How To Store CBD Or Delta 8 Gummies

As you can see, there are several things you can do to help keep your gummies as fresh as possible, for as long as possible. You should avoid heat, humidity, direct sunlight, and keep them fully sealed in a container. This will help ensure that the last gummy in the pack is as flavorful and effective as the first gummy in the pack. CBD or Delta 8 gummies offer a delicious and user-friendly way to enjoy the compounds in hemp daily. But your gummies will not give you much satisfaction if they are not stored properly.